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The Maltese archipelago is made up of a cluster of small, yet beautiful islands in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, lying between Sicily and Libya. Only 3 of the islands are inhabited, the largest one being called Malta, followed by Gozo and Comino.

Though Malta may be small in size, it boasts an impressive and colourful history. Being such a convenient stepping stone between two continents, Malta has been ruled by the Romans, the Arabs, the Order of the Knights of St. John, the French and lastly the British - after who Malta was granted independence in 1964.

Consequently, the Maltese present a unique culture affected by all her diverse rulers. This is immediately put to evidence in the national language of Malta, Maltese, which is the only Semitic language based on the Latin alphabet, and which has an Arabic origin with words deriving from Italian, French and English.

The climate of Malta is temperate and typical of the coastal Mediterranean countries. Its Winters are mild with the odd chilly spell, whilst Spring is a lulling introduction to the hot and sunny Summers Malta experiences. The beaches along the coast of the island are a constant refreshment and tend to make one forget of the heat as one is mesmerised by the beauty of the sea and beyond.

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